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Fiberglass Extension Trestle | Mfr. Werner E700 Series

Fiberglass Leaning Ladder | Mfr. Werner L6200 Series

Aluminum Twin Step Ladder | Mfr. Werner T400 Series

Fiberglass Single-Sided Step Ladder | Mfr. Werner 6100 Series

Step Ladders

Versatile and Stable Platform for Elevated Areas

Explore our wide selection of step ladders for sale. With various styles, sizes, and load capacities available, our step ladders offer a stable and secure platform for reaching elevated areas. Whether you need a single-sided, podium, or twin step ladder, browse our inventory to find the perfect solution for your task.

Styles Available

  • Single Sided
  • Podium
  • Twin Step Ladders
  • Platform
  • Platform Twin
  • Step Stools Step Stands
  • Leaning Ladder
  • Extension Trestle 
  • Tripod 

Size Range: 2ft to 20ft 

Load Capacity: 225lb, 250lb, 300lb, 375lb

Material: Aluminum, Fiberglass  


Extension Ladders

Vertical Access to Elevated Areas

Discover our extensive range of extension ladders for sale. These essential tools provide vertical access to elevated areas, making them valuable for contractors and professionals. With adjustable length and sturdy construction, our extension ladders offer flexibility and durability for various projects.

Styles Available:

  • Multi-Section
  • Single Section
  • Specialty 

Size Range: 6ft to 60ft 

Load Capacity: 200lb, 225lb, 250lb, 300lb, 375lb

Material: Aluminum, Fiberglass 


Aluminum Straight Ladder | Mfr. Werner 500-1 Series

Fiberglass Manhole Ladder | Mfr. Werner M7100-1 Series

Aluminum D-Rung Extention Ladder | Mfr. Werner D1500-2 Series

Fiberglass Extension Ladder | Mfr. Werner D6200-2 Series

Aluminum Multi-Position Ladder | Mfr. Werner MT-00IAA Series

Aluminum Multi-Position | Mfr. Werner MT-00IAA Series

Aluminum Multi-Position with Aluminum Plank | Mfr. Werner MT-00IAA Series

Fiberglass Multi-Position | Mfr. Werner FMT Series

Fiberglass Multi-Position | Mfr. Werner FMT Series

Fiberglass Multi-Position with Aluminum Plank | Mfr. Werner FMT Series


Adaptable Ladders for Various Tasks

Discover our versatile range of multipurpose ladders for sale. These adaptable ladders are a valuable addition to any contractor’s toolkit. With adjustable configurations and sturdy construction, our multipurpose ladders offer flexibility and durability for different projects.

Styles Available: 

  • Multi-Position Ladder 

Size Range: 14ft to 26ft

Load Capacity: 300lb, 375lb

Material: Aluminum and Fiberglass 


Tripod Ladders 

Exceptional Stability on Uneven Terrain

Explore our range of tripod ladders, also known as orchard ladders. Designed with three legs and a wide base, these specialized ladders provide exceptional stability on uneven terrain, making them ideal for orchard and garden work. With adjustable height and lightweight yet sturdy construction, our tripod ladders offer ease and safety in reaching heights.

Styles Available:

  • Multi-Position Ladder

Size Range: 6ft to 16ft

Load Capacity: 300lb

Material: Aluminum



Aluminum Orchard Ladder

Aluminum Attic Ladder | Mfr. Werner AH Series

Attic Ladders

Convenient and Safe Access to Attic Space

Discover our selection of attic ladders, providing convenient and safe access to your attic space. With sturdy construction and reliable functionality, our ladders offer a secure solution for accessing storage or utility areas.

  • Material: Wood, Aluminum



Enhance Functionality and Safety of Your Ladders

Enhance the functionality and safety of your ladders with our range of ladder accessories. From extension ladder walkthrus and walkthru gates to tool lassospadded V-runscable hooksladder jacks, and more, we offer a comprehensive selection to meet your needs.

Extension Ladder Walkthru Ladder Shoes
Extension Ladder Walkthru Gate Extension Ladder Covers
Tool Lasso Ladder Stabilizers
Padded V-Run Utility Buckets and Hooks
Cable Hooks Pail Shelf
Ladder Jacks Casters for Stepladders
Podium Gates Roof Brackets



Ladder Feet Replacement | Mfr. Werner

Podium Gate | Mfr. Werner AC60 Series

Rung Long Body Ladder Jack | Mfr. Werner AC10 Series

Cable Hook and V-Rung Assembly | Mfr. Werner 92 Series

Padded Fixed V-Rung | Mfr. Werner 71 Series

Lock-In Tool Lasso | Mfr. Werner Lock-In Series

Extension Ladder Walthru Gate | Mfr. Werner Walkthru Series

Extension Ladder Walkthru | Mfr. Werner Walkthru Series

Steel Baker Rolling Scaffold | Mfr. Werner SR Series

Aluminum Scaffold Stage | Mfr. Werner 2500 Series

Aluminum Extension Plank | Mfr. Werner PA200 Series

Aluminum Scaffold Plank | Mfr. Werner 5600 Series

Baker Scaffold & platform planks

Versatile and Reliable Elevated Work Solution

Discover the versatility and reliability of our Baker Scaffold. With a 6ft rolling scaffold style and additional accessories such as outriggersguardrail and toe board kitscasters, and a plywood deck, this scaffold offers safety and functionality for various projects.

Style Available: 6ft Rolling Scaffold

  • Outriggers
  • Guardrail and Toe Board Kit
  • Casters 
  • Plywood Deck 

Material: Steel

Load Capacity: 1,000lb (distributed evenly) 


Dedicated Service for Wholesale Ladder Needs

Discover our dedicated service for your wholesale ladder needs. Whether you need to replenish your ladder stock or require pallets for export, we have you covered. With our extensive inventory and access to ladders, we ensure smooth business flows and provide the materials you need. Rely on us for unmatched quality and dependability. Contact us today to discuss your wholesale ladder requirements and experience the benefits of partnering with us.


At House of Ladders, we pride ourselves on being that trusted partner for countless professional contractors. We’re not just selling ladders; we’re offering solutions for pros.

Our range speaks to the varied tasks that contractors undertake. Need an extension ladder that can reach those lofty heights for a roofing project, while ensuring safety and stability? We’ve got it. Looking for a twin step ladder that can support two workers simultaneously for a collaborative task? It’s in our lineup. Or perhaps a platform ladder for those tasks that require prolonged periods of work at a height, offering a generous platform to hold tools and materials? We understand that each job has its nuances, and our collection reflects this depth of understanding.

It’s the real-world scenarios—like needing a non-conductive fiberglass ladder when working near electrical sources, or a rugged and durable ladder that can withstand the wear and tear of a construction site—that we excel in addressing. We’ve stood there, alongside contractors, understanding the challenges and offering the right tools for the job. With House of Ladders, it’s not just about the climb; it’s about ensuring every ascent is backed by our expertise and unwavering support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of contractor ladders are available for sale?

The right ladder makes a job. That’s why we stock up on the best contractor-grade ladders out there. Whether it’s for a specialized task or the day-to-day grind, we’ve got your back. Check out our selection and see for yourself.

  • Extension Ladders: Designed to reach high places, these ladders can be extended to various lengths. At House of Ladders, we understand that stability and reach are critical, which is why our extension ladders are both robust and versatile.
  • Step Ladders: A fundamental tool in any contractor’s arsenal, our step ladders provide stable and reliable elevated access for shorter heights, ensuring safety and efficiency on site.
  • Manhole Ladders: Specifically crafted for manhole and confined space entry, our selection guarantees durability and safety for those niche tasks.
  • Twin Step Ladders: Featuring steps on both sides, these ladders are designed for two-person jobs, optimizing teamwork while maintaining safety.
  • Platform Ladder: With a stable platform at the top, this ladder ensures a comfortable and safe standing area for tasks that require a bit more time at height.
  • Podium Ladders: Designed for extended standing, the podium offers a larger area to work from, ensuring comfort and reducing fatigue.
  • Aluminum Ladders: Lightweight yet sturdy, our aluminum ladders are resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for various environments.
  • Fiberglass Ladders: Electrically non-conductive, fiberglass ladders from House of Ladders are perfect for tasks around electrical hazards, prioritizing safety.
  • Multi-Position Ladders: Versatility at its best, these ladders can be adjusted into different configurations, adapting to a multitude of tasks.
  • Electrician Ladders: Featuring holsters and hooks for tools, these are tailored for electrical tasks, emphasizing functionality.
  • Cable Wire Ladders: Ideal for tasks involving cable and wire installations, ensuring organized and efficient work.
  • Lean Safe Ladders: Designed to safely lean against walls, corners, or poles, these ladders offer unique flexibility for tasks that don’t conform to standard surfaces.
  • Leaning Ladder: Similar to Lean Safe, these are crafted to lean securely against flat surfaces, providing a reliable angle of access.
  • Extension Trestle Ladders: For those tasks that require a bit more height than standard step ladders, these provide the extra reach with the support of a trestle.
  • Duty Ratings (Type 1, IA, IAA, II): At House of Ladders, we know that the weight a ladder can safely support is crucial. Our ladders range from the robust Type II (225 lb) to the heavy-duty Type IAA (375 lb), ensuring that professionals have the right tool for the job.
  • ANSI OSHA Specialty Ladder: Adhering to industry standards, these ladders meet both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, testifying to our commitment to safety and quality.

At House of Ladders, our goal isn’t just to provide ladders but to serve as a reliable partner for professional contractors. We resonate with the intricacies of your tasks and ensure that our selection aligns with the demands of your projects.

How do I choose the right ladder for my needs?

When choosing a ladder, consider factors such as the height you need to reach, the weight capacity required, and the type of work you will be doing. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect ladder for your specific needs.

Are the ladders for sale suitable for professional use?

Yes, our contractor ladders for sale are designed to meet the needs of professionals in the construction industry. They are built to be durable, reliable, and safe for use on job sites.

Can I purchase ladder accessories separately?

Yes, we offer a variety of ladder accessories for sale separately. These accessories can enhance the functionality and safety of your ladder, such as cable hooks, extension ladder walk-throughs, etc.

Can I personalize the ladders with my company logo?

Yes, we offer the option to personalize the ladders with your company logo. This allows you to showcase your brand and add a professional touch to your equipment.

Do you offer pallet and wholesale options for purchasing ladders?

Yes, we offer pallet and wholesale options for purchasing ladders. This is a convenient way to buy in bulk and save on costs. Please contact our customer service for more information on pallet and wholesale pricing.



Of course, understanding the demands of contractors, our commitment goes beyond just providing ladders. We offer a comprehensive range of ladder accessories, ensuring that your ladder setup is as safe, functional, and efficient as possible. Our extensive selection and deep expertise mean we’ve got you covered, whatever your specific project needs might be.

  • Ladder Replacement Ropes: These are essential for the safe and smooth extension of extension ladders. They allow for an easy and controlled extension and retraction of your ladder, ensuring longevity and safety during operations.
  • Ladder Stabilizer: A ladder stabilizer or stand-off attaches to the top of your ladder and ensures it remains stable, especially when working at significant heights. It helps distribute the weight and offers a wider base, ensuring the ladder doesn’t tip or sway.
  • Cable Hooks: Essential for professionals working around electrical poles or similar environments, cable hooks allow ladders to be safely anchored, providing an additional layer of security. They’re especially useful for tasks like electrical maintenance, where stability and safety are paramount.
  • Extension Ladder Walkthru: This feature provides a safe platform at the top of an extension ladder, making it easier and safer to step off onto a roof or elevated platform. It essentially offers a handhold and guardrail, giving users an added assurance.
  • Ladder Jack: Used primarily in pair, ladder jacks create a platform between two ladders, allowing for a plank to be placed between them. This creates a scaffold-like setup, providing a stable work platform for tasks such as siding or painting.
  • Ladder Straps: These are invaluable for ensuring that ladders are securely fastened during transport. They help tie down the ladder, preventing movement and potential damage, especially when traveling between job sites.

With House of Ladders, professionals can be assured that every aspect of their ladder experience is optimized for erformance and safety.

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